Sometime in 1991 I found myself in Portland on a rooftop painting a 3rd story home for a family that would become treasured friends. How I ended up on that roof is a tale of the meandering artists spirit. One Summer, a few years before I arrived in Portland I had helped a friend paint for a few seasons in San Fransico. His specialty was multi colored Victorians. It turned out choosing 9-13 colors was exhilarating for me, but terrifically daunting for the homeowner. By Summers end I had a color consulting business, discovered I enjoyed the hard labor of painting and was heading North. Earlier on in my life I had worked for a few years in NYC designing and custom coloring  fabric for an upscale dress company. Somewhere in the mix I had been to art school, rode motorcycles for work and written poetry. 
From that one Portland roof top in 1991 grew a painting business that spanned 15 years with several employees. This is what makes my work different, the years of seeing color go from color chip to paint. Understanding that the last ingredient in a color choice is the light that gets stirred into that color. Today I am helping Portlanders achieve their ADU dreams, working on green cohousing projects, collaborating with sustainable architects like communitecture , working with families on our 3rd homes together or just meeting up with clients to get that last detail of grout color right! I have a motto my clients have all heard, “We are not done until I hear you say, I love it”! 


Work Experience

Lorem ipsum, Design Editor
Nam Interdum, Creative Director
Vestibulum Eget, Creative Director
Nulla Varius, Editor
Tortor Quis Ante, Art Director
Gravida Ultrices, Art Director





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